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Patrick Grant Competition….

Here at morsbags HQ we have a serious crush on the divine Patrick Grant (from the Sewing Bee), so here’s an exciting competition… fancy designing a morsbag for him? The winning morsbag will be presented to him in May! Details to follow soon… thinking caps on!!

Morsbagging stats for February!

Beattie is our fabulous resident number cruncher and this is what happened in February: 3026 bags were made by 48 pods. Pods that made bags: Earthlings, Guy’s Marsh Prison, Whissybags, Wundertuete, Bude Baggers, Pickering Stitchers, Sue’s Mountsorrel, Material Girls, Darting Frog, Macs Bags, Niffy Bags, The old bag, Atherstone Pod, Less is Mors, Die Nähdamen, […]

Next Handout is 20th of November!

Let’s bag everyone for Christmas and remind them that morsbags make not only great presents but fabulous reusable wrapping paper! We’re going to bag a local village – one morsbag through every letterbox that day – what will you do? A coordinated handout means that many morsbags will be rehomed on the same day… get […]

Ecobags is our Featured Pod!

Congratulations Ecobags for being our Featured Pod – you’ve made 3356 morsbags to date, so we asked you these questions: Who is in your pod? Just me. When/where do you sew bags? My living room – any time I have time. Where did you first hear about Morsbags? A friend. Did you think about the […]

5th of March 2016

The idea is to sew like mad to make as many lovely morsbags to hand out as possible – perhaps organise a local group for courage, support and joy, and hand out free morsbags to locals wherever you are in the world…… You can: bag your local corner shop bag a local restaurant bag a […]

Harborough HIT Bags is Featured Pod!

Congratulations Harborough HIT Bags for being our Featured Pod – you’ve made 8682 morsbags to date, so we asked you these questions: Who is in your pod? There are about 15 people – all women though we have tried to recruit men. Some have been in the pod since it started some 6 years ago. […]